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OLCC Recalls Expanded on Cannabis Vape Products

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) has expanded its recent recall of cannabis vape products, announced in a news release February 14th, 2023.

In January, OLCC had issued a recall for four vaping products produced by an OLCC licensed processor containing artificially derived cannabinoids as well as two marijuana vaping products testing positive for pesticides. Consistent with Oregon Administrative Rule 845-026-0400, an industrial hemp product may not contain any artificially derived cannabinoids. Industrial hemp products include vaping products intended for inhalation and Artificially derived cannabinoids (ADC) including CBN and Delta-8-THC. In accordance with its recall powers, OLCC recalled the products of a local manufacturer with products containing ADCs distributed to about 80 OLCC-licensed marijuana retailers.

OLCC has now expanded this recall to include:

“vape cartridges that have been sold under the brand name Firefly Extracts or Smoke-Rite Wellness and were manufactured by Hillsboro-based Plank Road Laboratories, Inc., an OLCC-licensed marijuana processor. The expanded recall encompasses three new production batches that were made into 10 total product lines. About 7000 units have been sold from these batches and about 500 units were still in the market.”

OLCC cited that the products included CBN, an artificially derived cannabinoid and CBC, a synthetic cannabinoid. Failure to comply with any provision of these OLCC rules are subject to civil penalties. We encourage stakeholders to remain apprised of changing rules to ensure compliance.

If you have any questions about the recall or product compliance in Oregon, please schedule a consultation:



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