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“Behind almost every business is a savvy lawyer, then there is hemp attorney Courtney N. Moran, LL.M.”

- Oregon Leaf  The Hemp Issue  |  October 2018


Courtney N. Moran, LL.M has led several ground-breaking legal victories for domestic hemp:


2018 Farm Bill - Legalization of Domestic Hemp

Courtney worked closely with Senators drafting the federal Hemp Farming Act of 2018 (S. 2667), included in the 2018 Farm Bill providing for full federal hemp legalization.

Case: KaB, LLC v USPS, MLB 18-39 (2018)

For the first time in history the Judicial Officer and Federal Court for the U.S. Postal Service have cleared the way for the shipment of agricultural pilot program industrial hemp, specifically CBD.


Case: RNF, LLC v. USPS, MLB 18-113 (2018)

Sets precedent for Shipment of Viable Hemp Seed through the U.S. Postal Service.


As a registered lobbyist for industrial hemp in Oregon, Courtney lobbies on behalf of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association (OIHFA)


Courtney has testified on proposed industrial hemp legislation before:


Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Oregon House of Representatives Committee on Rules, House Committee on General Government, Oregon Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization, Oregon House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources, Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, the Oregon Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, the Oregon Senate Committee on Rules, Oregon Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Wildfire Recovery, and the HB3000/SB1564 Taskforce on Cannabis Derived Intoxicants and Illegal Cannabis Production. 

  • HB 3000 (July 19, 2021) (H. 55-0, S. 24-3) - Hemp Omnibus bill

  • HB 2284 (June 11, 2021) (H. 57-0, S. 26-1) - Establishes Hemp Commodity Commission

  • HB 4089 (April 13, 2018) (H. 58-1, S. 29-0) - Authorizes Hemp Research at OSU, provides farmers new protections

  • SB 1015 (June 29, 2017) (S. 26-3, H. 45-0) - Authorized Processing of hemp by licensed marijuana processors

  • HB 4060 (March 29, 2016) (H. 54-4, S. 25-0) - Statutory Foundation of Current Oregon Hemp Program

South Carolina

H 3559 (May 10, 2017) (H. 97-0, S. 35-1)


Working with Palmetto Harmony, Courtney authored and facilitated the passage of H 3559, which provides for implementation of an industrial hemp program by the South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture. 



 SB 119 (November 30, 2017) (unanimous)


As a Wisconsin native, Courtney volunteered her services and provided foundational language for Wisconsin industrial hemp legislation (AB 147AB 183, SB 119), and testified before the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism. 

Note: In 2021 the WI hemp program was turned over to USDA for financial reasons. 


SB 6 (April 12, 2018) (unanimous)


Working with key Alaskan stakeholders and natives, Courtney volunteered her services and provided strategic guidance in drafting SB 6  and HB 172, establishing an Alaska hemp program. She testified before the Alaska Senate Resources Committee, Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee, Alaska Senate Finance Committee, Alaska House Judiciary Committee, and Alaska House Finance Committee. 


HB 2034 (June 1, 2018) (141-4)

SB 547  (29-3)


Working with Ancient Nutrition, Courtney provided pivotal strategy in drafting Missouri industrial hemp legislation SB 547 and HB 2034. She testified before the Missouri Senate Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee and the Missouri House Agriculture Policy Committee. 


HB 396 (April 11, 2021) (98-1, 50-0)


Coordinating with IND Hemp, Courtney facilitated championing passage of landmark animal feed legislation HB 396, which establishes hemp as approved commercial animal feed. 

U.N. General Assembly Special Session 2016

Courtney participated in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem in April 2016 in New York City, New York.

El Seminario Internacional Perspectivas Legislativas

On October 26, 2016 Courtney testified at El Seminario Internacional Perspectivas Legislativas Para La Regulaciόn de la Cannabis No Psicoactiva Para Su Uso Medicinal, Terapéutico e Industrial before the Senado de la República in Mexico City, Mexico.

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