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OLCC Bulletin on Tracking Hemp Items in Metrc

On January 18, 2024, OLCC released a Compliance Education Bulletin to advise recreational marijuana licensees and OLCC hemp certificate holders on tracking the following hemp items in Metrc:

  • Non-infused (plain) Hemp Pre-Rolls

  • Infused Hemp Pre-Rolls

  • Usable Hemp (by strain)

Metrc is the state-administered cannabis tracking system used by OLCC to track hemp items sold within the program. Industrial hemp and hemp items can only enter the OLCC-regulated adult-use marijuana market if they are tracked using this system. Currently, OLCC requires two groups to use the Metrc system: (1) ODA-licensed hemp growers/handlers transferring hemp for processing or sale at OLCC-licensed marijuana locations or (2) OLCC-licensed marijuana wholesalers, processors, and retailers receiving items from an ODA-licensed hemp grower/handler. For more information on using Metrc for hemp items, please refer to this guide released by OLCC.

To better "match current functionality for marijuana items to improve inventory tracking capabilities" and update the program "so hemp items will match current packaging and labeling rules," OLCC has added additional features to Metrc's functionality for hemp items. These changes include:

  • Two new "each" item categories for hemp pre-rolls

  • One new "by strain" item category for usable hemp

The two new "each" item categories referenced above include:

  • One for "plain" (non-infused) hemp pre-rolls (usable hemp with unflavored paper, filter, and/or tip), which includes two additional values of "weight per unit" and "weight of usable hemp per unit"

  • One for "infused hemp pre-rolls (usable hemp combined with flavored paper and/or hemp concentrate or extract)

Additionally, Metrc functionality will also include enabling "locations" for packages under OLCC hemp certificate holders. To read the bulletin, which includes full descriptions of the changes and guidance on implementation, please click here.

Have questions about how this compliance bulletin will affect your business? Schedule a consultation with EARTH Law, LLC to answer your questions, and have qualified legal experts on your side! You can contact us by email at or by telephone at 541-632-3946.

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