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OLCC Appoints New Executive Director

OLCC Commissioners have appointed Craig Prins as the agency's new permanent executive director, effective October 19th, 2023.

Prins previously served as the inspector general for the Oregon Department of Corrections before replacing OLCC's former director Steve Marks as the interim OLCC director after Marks was ousted in an agency scandal earlier this year. Prins also served as a Multnomah County deputy district attorney and Oregon Criminal Justice Commission executive director. In OLCC's press release to the public announcing the appointment, Prins was quoted as saying:

“I want to say, ‘thank you’ to all the staff who have been using all their energy to do this great mission focusing on protecting the public health and safety of Oregon citizens and supporting these [alcohol and cannabis] industries,” said Prins. “And thanks to the partners who’ve been patient with me as I’ve learned about the agency’s portfolio during the last eight months.”

Have further questions about how the turnover at OLCC could impact the Oregon Hemp Program? Please schedule a consultation with EARTH Law, LLC for answers. You can contact us by email at or by telephone at 541-632-3946.

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