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Oregon 2024 Session Adjourns- Passing HB 4121

On March 7, the Oregon 2024 Legislative Session was adjourned, but not before passing HB 4121- the Omnibus Cannabis/Hemp Committee Bill, which carries significant implications for the Oregon hemp industry and businesses selling hemp-derived cannabinoids in Oregon

HB 4121 was a House Judiciary Committee Bill that was the product of months of collaborative work between leading hemp industry stakeholders, the Cannabis Industry Alliance of Oregon (CIAO), OLCC, ODA, law enforcement, and the leadership of the HB 3000/SB 1564 Taskforce.

HB 4121 passed the Oregon Legislature with the following votes:

  • February 13- House Committee on Judiciary-unanimous

  • February 27- Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development-unanimous

  • February 29- Full Committee on Ways and Means- 17-6

  • March 6- House- 55-1

  • March 7- Senate- 20-7

  • March 13- Signed by Speaker Dan Rayfield

  • HB 4121 is currently awaiting signatures by Senate President Wagner and Oregon Governor Tina Kotek.

A copy of Enrolled House HB 4121 is available here:

HB 4121 Key Oregon Hemp Policy Updates:

  • Sections 1-6: reauthorization of enforcement provisions in HB 3000 (2021)- (HB 3000 sections 40-44)

  • Section 8: opens up interstate shipment of hemp products and commodities among and between hemp licensees by updating ORS 571.306 (protects intrastate transportation of work-in-progress hemp products and commodities to include compliant materials sourced from farms both in and outside Oregon)

  • Section 9: reestablishes the authority for OLCC to set standards for approving industrial hemp products that contain artificially derived cannabinoids (i.e. CBN!)

  • Sections 11-14:

    • Directs the OLCC, in consultation with ODA, to establish a registration system for industrial hemp products that contain cannabinoids intended for human or animal consumption

    • Specifies minimum labeling requirements, including manufacturer information, ingredients, service size and potency, applicable health and safety warnings, and age restrictions

  • Section 25: Directs the OLCC to establish uniform standards for minor decoy operations to investigate sales of adult-use cannabis items to persons under age 21

Governor Kotek is expected to sign HB 4121 before the end of March 2024.

For more information on the Oregon 2024 Session, please get in touch with our lobbying partner, Agricultural Hemp Solutions, LLC:; (202)-656-7023

Please watch for information on upcoming rulemakings regarding ODA and OLCC implementation of HB 4121.

If you have any questions regarding the updates to the Hemp Program outlined in HB 4121 and how these will impact your business compliance requirements, please schedule a consultation today, by contacting us at or 541-632-3946.



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