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Join the Hemp for Our Future Campaign!

Hemp For Our Future

Hemp for our Future is a social responsibility campaign to support the donation of hemp-based materials, products, and foods to medical professionals and community organizations helping those impacted by COVID-19.

Please join the Earth Law, LLC and the network of hemp businesses supporting the Hemp For Our Future campaign.

Hemp Businesses Looking to Help Can:

  1. Donate biomass 

  2. Produce products 

  3. Provide logistics services 

  4. Make a financial contribution 

  5. Contribute your voice 

  6. Alert us to companies & resources 

  7. Spread the word

Are you an Organization Looking For Donations?

Please fill out this form so we can try to facilitate a donation of supplies or services to your organization: Beneficiary Organization Seeking Donations


Participation is limited to legal activities. Members promise to maintain the integrity of our global hemp industry by being kind, supportive, and cooperatively communicating.

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