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Hemp Round Table with Senator Wyden

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden hosted a round table discussion with local hemp farmers, processors, business owners, University representatives and policy leaders. EARTH Law LLC’s founding principal, Courtney N. Moran LL.M., was honored to hold a place at the table.

Hearing From Hemp Industry Leaders

Senator Ron Wyden has been a champion for the hemp industry, both in Oregon and across the United States. Most recently he has focused on securing financial support for farmers by advocating for hemp banking and crop insurance.

This recent round table discussion was another step in understanding key issues they face and advocating on a national level.

Courtney Moran provided important insight into the common issues faced in the hemp industry. At the top of the list were industry standards in compliance testing both before and after crop harvest.

Courtney N. Moran, LL.M speaks at Senator Wyden’s Hemp Round Table, July 2019

Focus on Fiber & Seed

Courtney N. Moran, LL.M

Another common theme of the discussion was the focus on developing hemp products outside of the CBD market. While Oregon has built strong infrastructure for growing and processing cannabis flower, the seed and fiber markets have not expanded as quickly.

To make hemp truly the next great American crop, all possible applications of the plant should be developed, industry leaders agreed. Textiles, building materials, food products, grain and livestock feed are viable, but infrastructure and research need to be put into place.

Taking the Discussion to Washington D.C.

Senator Wyden promised to take the top issues brought to the table discussion to Washington D.C.. Banking, crop insurance, and standardized compliance testing were among those topics. We are eager to see these concerns addressed at the nation’s capitol.

What issues would you like to see discussed in Washington D.C regarding the expanding hemp industry?

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