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Google Updates Advertisement Policies for CBD Products

Google has announced it will relax restrictions on advertising CBD products in California, Colorado, and Puerto Rico effective January 20th, 2023. Google’s change in policy for CBD advertising marks a significant step forward in cannabis marketing. Currently, all major search engines and social media platforms prohibit paid advertising of any kind of cannabis advertising, including hemp-derived products and CBD.

Previously, Google banned the advertising of products containing cannabidiol through its Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements list, a list of pharmaceuticals and supplements Google Ads doesn’t allow advertising for. Cannabidiol will be removed from the list on January 20th, but Google is strictly limiting products authorized for advertisement. Only FDA-approved pharmaceuticals containing CBD and topical, hemp-derived CBD products are approved for advertising. All ads promoting CBD supplements, food additives, inhalants, and other products will continue to be prohibited.

However, those looking to use Google Ads will still need to complete several steps before using paid Google advertising. General market CBD advertisers must first attain certification by LegitScript, a third-party certification service out of Oregon requiring verification of THC compliance results of their product as well as a Certificate of Analysis. LegitScript has further specified which products are eligible for approval: “Examples of in-scope products include cosmetics, soaps, topicals, and other products that are in compliance with USDA, FDA, FTC, and DEA regulations, as well as state-specific laws.” Once approved by LegitScript, advertisers must then be certified by Google before beginning advertising.

Have further questions regarding regulations on CBD and hemp products? Please schedule a consultation with EARTH Law, LLC to answer any questions regarding these updates. You can contact us by email at or by telephone at 541-632-3946.

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