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Client Services

When it comes to the legal needs of the hemp industry, EARTH Law LLC is the go-to source for outstanding support and expertise. Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. With our attention to detail, strategic representation, and specialized knowledge, you can trust us to handle your legal issues.

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Compliance Expertise

Strategic analysis of state and federal law to ensure client’s compliance with state and federal regulations:

  • Product Potency & THC Compliance

  • Crop sampling, harvesting and testing

  • Required Documentation & Recordkeeping

  • Interstate commerce 

  • Intrastate commerce

  • Lawful transportation

  • 50-State Compliance Analyses

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Appeals & Seizures 2 (3).png
  • Product seizures

    • (flower, biomass, cannabinoid products, CBD, Delta-8, etc) 

  • Transportation seizures

  • Administrative appeals

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  • Civil & criminal trials

  • Administrative hearings

  • Administrative rulemaking comment periods

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Licensing & Permitting 2 (4).png
  • State & federal hemp licenses & registrations

  • Permits for farmers, processors, retailers, etc.

  • Corrective Action Plans

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Agencies & Law Enforcement 1 (1).png
  • Advise agencies & law enforcement on current law & policy 

  • Consult clients on cooperative engagement

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Legislative Services 2 (1).png
  • Pending legislation

  • Active rulemakings

  • Statutory & regulatory requirements

  • Labeling, consumer, & retail requirements

  • International import/export

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Additional Services

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Educational Services​

  • University guest lectures

  • Speaking events

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Government and Policy

For Legislative or Policy Consulting and Lobbying, please contact 

Agricultural Hemp Solutions.

 (541) 632-3946

EARTH Law, LLC is at the table as policy is evolving. We can provide your business with the latest insights and strategies to navigate the legal landscape and ensure your compliance.

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