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Farm Bill Text Released by House Ag. Committee

Updated: May 21

Farm Bill Text Released by House Ag. Committee

This morning, the U.S. House Ag Committee, chaired by Glenn "GT" Thompson (R-PA), released the House Farm Bill discussion draft text, which included proposed updates to federal hemp law.

Key Provisions of the House Farm Bill Discussion Draft Include:

~ Maintains current definition of "Hemp"

~ Adds NEW Definitions for:

  • Hemp Grown for Cannabinoid Extraction

  • Industrial Hemp (fiber, grain, micro-greens, research hemp)

~ Requirement for Farmers to Designate of Type of Production

~ For Industrial Hemp Producers- authorization of State/Tribal/USDA sampling plans that allow for either visual inspections, performance-based sampling methodologies, certified seed, or a similar procedure

~ Removal of Felony Restrictions for Industrial Hemp Producers

~ Enforcement authority of 5 year ineligibility for inconsistent production w/ Industrial Hemp production designation

~ Laboratory accreditation certificate authority for USDA

‘‘(2) HEMP GROWN FOR CANNABINOID EXTRACTION.—The term ‘hemp grown for cannabinoid extraction’ means any hemp grown for purposes of extracting cannabinoids intended for human or animal consumption, inhalation, or topical use.

Read the House Farm Bill Discussion Draft text Here.

(Hemp Provisions begin on page 740)

The House Agriculture Committee Markup is scheduled for next week Thursday, May 23.

We're grateful to our sister lobbying firm Agricultural Hemp Solutions, for leading efforts on the Industrial Hemp Act and securing its inclusion in the House Farm Bill discussion draft. THANK YOU to Chairman Thompson, the House Agriculture Committee staff, and the House Agriculture Committee Membership for their support in advancing hemp policy!

Is Your Business Ready to Transition with the Changes Proposed?

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