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CAMP LAUNCH & OLCC Compliance Education Bulletin CE2024-02

For businesses to operate successfully, staying informed about regulatory changes and compliance requirements is essential. In Compliance Education Bulletin CE2024-02, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) provides updates regarding the transition to the Cannabis Alcohol Management Program (CAMP) and the impact on hemp certificate holders.

Transitioning to Cannabis Alcohol Management Program (CAMP)

The OLCC has announced that the current recreational marijuana online licensing system and the cannabis packaging & labeling system will be deactivated for public use on Thursday, March 14 at 5 pm. This temporary deactivation is necessary to facilitate the transfer of information to CAMP, which is designed to streamline licensing processes and improve user experience for licensees.

CAMP starts up at 8 AM on Monday, March 18th! 

CAMP provides improved features to help licensees streamline their licensing experience, including:

  • Use 3rd party authentication to sign into CAMP (using Apple, Gmail, or Microsoft accounts),

  • Make payments using a bank or credit union account electronic fund transfer (ACH), in addition to debit and credit cards and cash (by appointment at OLCC),

  • See all their licenses in one dashboard, including individuals or companies that hold both alcohol and cannabis licenses,

  • Designate an “authorized person” like a professional services provider to have access to their account,

  • View all their cannabis packaging and labeling submissions that already have been approved on one dashboard, even across multiple licenses,

  • See and download files associated with their licenses, instead of having OLCC email them, and

  • Use CAMP on mobile devices.

User Guide for CAMP:

To assist recreational marijuana licensees, Hemp Certificate Holders, and applicants in navigating the functionalities of CAMP, OLCC has developed a comprehensive user guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply for licenses, submit amendments, and utilize the features of the new system. 

Hemp Certificates in CAMP:

For hemp certificate holders, the transition to CAMP involves accessing your account using a designated email address and a one-time Online Access Code. If you have an active hemp certificate, your information will be transferred to CAMP with your current certificate number. Hemp Certificate Holders should have received their Online Access Code by March 1, 2024. If not, please contact for assistance.

Starting March 18, submit new applications for hemp certificates and renewals through CAMP. CAMP offers online payment options for all license actions. Note, OLCC will accommodate cash or check payments for those who prefer alternative payment methods.

If you were unable able to attend "Navigating CAMP", the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission's live  Cannabis and Alcohol Management Program (CAMP) webinar, you can watch the on-demand viewing here: Webinar Video/Audio Recording


As the cannabis industry undergoes digital transformation with the launch of CAMP, EARTH Law, LLC is committed to providing guidance and support to businesses navigating these changes. For more information on compliance, licensing, and regulatory updates, please schedule a consultation at or call us at 541-632-3946.

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