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Are You Prepared for 2020 Hemp Growing Season?

Are you prepared for the 2020 hemp growing season?

Many rules, laws and policies have been put in place since the last hemp production season. For example, transitioning from detla-9 THC to Total THC pre-harvest testing has become the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and Oregon standard. This alone has a significant impact on the day-to-day decisions of hemp farmers, especially regarding seed procurement, harvesting timeline, sampling requirements, and testing practices.

Keeping up with hemp regulations can be daunting.

Agricultural hemp has seen rapid growth, and the evolving laws accompanying the industry are ever changing. Here at EARTH Law, LLC, we often hear that the industry regulations are hard to navigate on a state to state and federal basis. For this reason, we are open during the Covid-19 Shelter in Place/Stay at Home orders and are offering virtual consultation appointments!

Areas of Change in the Upcoming Hemp Season

It’s especially important to know whether your state or territory is operating under the 2014 or 2018 Farm Bill. Depending on which one, harvest, testing, and sampling requirements will vary. Make sure you have counsel in the states you are operating in who are well versed in current hemp law.

Interstate commerce of hemp has been significantly impacted by evolving regulation as well. It is your responsibility to know and adhere to the laws of the jurisdiction you are exporting out of and importing in to.

EARTH Law, LLC Services

Here are some of our available services:

  1. Strategic analysis of state and federal law to ensure client’s compliance with state and federal regulations:

  2. Crop testing and product potency compliance

  3. Required documentation

  4. Interstate commerce and lawful transportation

  5. Administrative appeals

  6. Product seizure appeals

  7. Resolve client issues

  8. Guidance on:

  9. Labeling and consumer requirements

  10. International import/export

  11. Obtain licenses and permits:

  12. State and federal hemp permits

  13. Permits for farmers, processors, retailers, etc.

  14. Legal counsel for:

  15. Hemp businesses and agribusinesses

  16. Departments of Agriculture

  17. Institutions of higher education

  18. Agricultural hemp research programs

  19. Agencies and Law Enforcement

  20. Educate farmers and entrepreneurs on all aspects of hemp

  21. Draft forward-thinking legislation:

  22. Lobbying, bill writing & program implementation throughout the U.S.

  23. Advise state and federal agencies on hemp policy

We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help you and your hemp and/or agribusiness this year.

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