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2024 USDA Hemp Production Report

The USDA’s 2024 Hemp Production Report shows that overall across sectors, while

hemp production continues to outpace sales, the value of many hemp crops is trending


Data Sources and Withheld Information:

The report was compiled from data collected from operator-reported surveys, hemp

producer data reported to the FSA, reports from insureds participating in the Hemp

Actual Production History pilot and data reported by tribal governments and State

Departments of Agriculture. The USDA withheld some information to avoid disclosing

data for individual operators. Where the USDA withheld such data, the symbol (D)

replaces the field where a percentage value would be.

Key National-Level findings:

1. For industrial hemp grown in the open nationwide, the percentage of acres

harvested rose by 15.5%, and the value of utilized production went up by 21.6%.

2. The percentage of industrial hemp for fiber harvested but not sold

increased, while the value of utilized production decreased.

3. The amount of industrial hemp for seed harvested but not sold

increased, although the value of utilized production increased.

4. The amount of industrial floral hemp harvested but not sold decreased,

and this sector’s value of utilized production increased.

Oregon-Specific Takeaways:

1. Oregon ranked number three for states with the largest industrial hemp production grown in the open (considering acres planted and harvested), behind only Montana and South Dakota.

2. Oregon ranked second among states with the greatest production of industrial

hemp grown under protection (measured in square feet), although its area in

production fell 52.5% from 2022.

3. Oregon ranked first out of the 50 states for the production of industrial floral

hemp grown in the open, with the yield (measured in pounds per acre) and

the total output (measured in units per 1000 pounds) increasing. The value

of utilized production went up 68.4% from 2022. However, the amount harvested

but not sold also went up, but to a lesser extent, at 21.9%.

If you need more information to understand the USDA’s 2024 Hemp Production Report or advice on how these trends might impact your business, call EARTH Law LLC today at 541-632-3946. You can also contact us by email at

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