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Hemp Agricultural Solutions: Navigating Regulatory Hurdles And State Perspectives

Mar 13, 2024

Host of HempAware Podcast, Tyler Hemp, is joined by Courtney Moran, the chief legislative strategist at Agricultural Hemp Solutions to delve into the intricacies of hemp legislation and advocacy at both the state and federal levels, offering valuable insights and expertise.

Welcome to HempAware Podcasts, where we explore the latest developments in the hemp industry and discuss important legislative and agricultural solutions.

In this episode, "Hemp Agricultural Solutions," host Tyler Hemp is joined by Courtney Moran, the chief legislative strategist at Agricultural Hemp Solutions.

Together, they delve into the intricacies of hemp legislation and advocacy at both the state and federal levels, offering valuable insights and expertise.

Tyler and Courtney discuss the impact of the 2018 Farm Bill on the hemp industry, the evolving regulatory frameworks, and the challenges faced by both grain and fiber farmers and the cannabinoid sector.

They also highlight the critical importance of consumer awareness and compliance with regulations while promoting safe and sustainable hemp products.

Join us as we explore the pivotal moments in Courtney Moran's career, the shifting perspectives around hemp and cannabis, and the influence of THC on seed production.

We also delve into a fascinating case involving the transportation of hemp products and the mission of Agricultural Hemp Solutions in driving legislative changes and stabilizing the hemp supply chain.

Tune in for a compelling and insightful conversation that sheds light on the dynamic landscape of hemp legislation and its potential to revolutionize various industries.

Thank you for joining us on "Hemp Agricultural Solutions Podcast" and remember to email your suggestions for future topics to

Tyler and Courtney look forward to connecting with you!

Guest Bio

Courtney Moran is a passionate advocate for the legalization of hemp and the benefits it can bring to farmers and the environment.

As a senior in college, she was introduced to the potential of hemp through the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

This sparked her interest and led her to pursue a legal internship at National Normal in Washington DC while in law school.

Inspired by the economic and environmental opportunities that hemp could provide, Courtney has become a dedicated voice for the legalization and promotion of this versatile plant.

Topics Covered in this Episode

Introduction to Hemp Agriculture Solutions Podcast

  • Host names: Tyler Hemp

  • Guest names: Courtney Moran

  • Introduction to the purpose and focus of the podcast "HempAware Radio"

  • -yler thanking the listeners for tuning in

Legislative Framework and Regulation of Industrial Hemp

  • The details of the 2018 Farm Bill and its impact on industrial hemp production

  • State authority in establishing regulatory and licensing frameworks for industrial hemp

  • Variations in state support for different hemp sectors (grain, fiber, and cannabinoids)

  • Ongoing negotiation about the 2018 Farm Bill and the proposed Industrial Hemp Act of 2023

  • Challenges and ongoing conversations about the definition and regulation of industrial hemp

Evolution of Cannabis and Hemp Legislation

  • Legislative milestones over the past decade related to cannabis and hemp reform

  • Significance of the 2018 Farm Bill in providing a federal definition for hemp and changing regulatory authority

  • Strong support for cannabis and hemp from various stakeholders and impact on legislative thinking

  • Primary Topic: Federal Definition and Regulation of Hemp

  • Detailing the federal definition of hemp and its impact on THC concentration, derivatives, extracts, and cannabinoids from the plant

  • The negligence threshold for farmers with crops containing THC above 0.3% but not more than 1%

  • The potential psychoactive effect of THC at around 1% and factors affecting potency threshold

Courtney Moran's Involvement in Hemp Legislation and Advocacy

  • Introduction to Courtney Moran and her role at Agricultural Hemp Solutions and Earth Law LLC

  • Moran's passion for the environment and conservation and how it led her to work on hemp legislation and advocacy

  • Pivotal moments in Moran's career related to hemp legislation and advocacy

  • Moran's commitment to the hemp industry and her belief in making a positive impact on the planet through her work

  • Primary Topic: Turning Points in Hemp and Cannabis Industry

  • Discussion about the biggest turning points witnessed in the hemp and cannabis industry over the years

THC and its Effect on Seed Production

  • The impact of THC levels on seed production in the hemp industry

  • Consideration of the intended use of the hemp plant (flower, grain, or cannabinoids) in relation to THC levels and seed production

Legal Challenges and Advocacy in the Hemp Industry

  • A case involving the US Postal Service and the transportation of hemp

  • Challenges faced by businesses in shipping hemp products and the use of case law for approval

Role and Mission of Agricultural Hemp Solutions

  • Description of the formation and mission of Agricultural Hemp Solutions

  • Role of Agricultural Hemp Solutions in providing guidance, education, and leadership for legislative changes and stabilizing the supply chain

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