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OSU Hemp Feed Workshop Oct. 26-27 - Register & Hear Courtney Speak!

In partnership with the Hemp Feed Coalition, Oregon State University's Global Hemp Innovations Center is holding the first-ever Hemp Feed Workshop. Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., will join academics, regulators, and industry leaders to evaluate research, create healthy dialogue and collectively work together to bolster access for hemp ingredients and products in the animal feed market.

Across the country, hemp advocates increasingly see the value in receiving regulatory approval to include parts of the hemp plant as ingredients in animal feed. Unfortunately, State, federal, and feed regulators perceive a substantial lack of data, due to the nature of animal feed ingredient approval as species-specific. The Hemp Feed Workshop is intended to catalyze a collective process to identify and conduct the research necessary to win desired regulatory approval.

OSU's Hemp Feed Workshop takes place over two days, Wednesday and Thursday October 26-27, 2022. The event is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with the former consisting of more informative talks and the latter focused more on smaller-scale collaborative discussions. The full agenda is found here.

If you wish to participate in the Hemp Feed Workshop, members of the general public can attend the conference virtually for a $25 registration fee. From the event organizers:

Full group session including review of research broken down by ingredient, regulatory panel discussions, and updates from industry associations will be broadcast to our online participants and will be open to the public. Those who register for this online participation will also be added to a group email list that will receive access to the published white paper upon completion.

To register, access the Conference Website and pay the registration fee.

Direct any questions related to the event to Massimo Bionaz: or Morgan Tweet:

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