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Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. Featured for Federal Advocacy Campaign

Natural Products Insider, a leading online publication for the natural foods, supplements and cosmeceuticals sector, published an article in support of the federal advocacy campaign Courtney N. Moran LL.M. serves as Chief Strategist of on behalf of Agricultural Hemp Solutions, LLC (AgHS).

The article highlights the AgHS Campaign to Align Federal Legislation and USDA Rulemaking with the Domestic Hemp Industry, which aims to address the universal concerns with the restrictive USDA Interim Final Rules. The article stressed the importance of reforming the federal hemp definition to a THC concentration standard of 1% THC, instead of the highly restrictive 0.3% total THC baseline, which makes farming compliant crops extremely difficult for American farmers.

The article also quoted Shawn Hauser of Vicente Sederberg and Eric Steenstra of Vote Hemp.  These industry leaders joined Courney Moran on July 28 for an incisive webinar on Protecting the Future of Hemp.

Action now is required by all stakeholders in the hemp industry – from farmers to ancillary businesses to end users – to ensure their voices are heard. 

We all want our industry to survive and for hemp-derived cannabinoids to continue to flourish as natural health support options. We need to act now to push the USDA for rational rules.

To learn more about the Campaign, and how you can get involved and have your voice elevated click here.

Read the full Natural Products Insider article here.

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