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ODA Hemp Policy Update Webinar Available

On July 8, the Oregon Department of Agriculture hosted a webinar titled, “ODA Hemp Program Update and Changes“. The webinar was presented by Sunny Summers, Cannabis Policy Coordinator at the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Webinar Topics:

  1. ODA Staff Changes

  2. Where ODA is on rulemaking and submitting a Plan for approval by USDA

  3. Information on the development of an inspection and enforcement program (site visits and expectations)

  4. Resources available from ODA

The webinar is just under an hour (52 minutes) and gives up to date information on the Oregon Hemp Program and upcoming program rulemaking.

Schedule a Consultation and Stay Informed!

  1. Struggling with THC compliance?

  2. Had a recent hemp seizure?

  3. Is your business ready for upcoming program rule changes?

Contact us for a Consultation. EARTH Law founding principal Courtney N. Moran, LL.M is taking new clients in 2020.

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