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Client Services

Compliance Expertise

Strategic analysis of state and federal law to ensure client’s compliance with state and federal regulations:
  • Product Potency & THC Compliance

  • Crop sampling, harvesting and testing

  • Required Documentation

  • Interstate commerce 

  • Lawful transportation


Guidance On

  • Labeling and consumer requirements

  • International import/export



  • Product seizures

  • Administrative appeals


Licensing & Permitting

  • State and federal hemp licenses and registrations

  • Permits for farmers, processors, retailers, etc.

  • Corrective Action Plans


  • Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

  • Pending Legislation

  • Active Rulemakings


Agencies & Law Enforcement

  • Advise agencies and law enforcement on current law and policy 

  • Consult clients on cooperative engagement


Legislative Services

For Legislative or Policy Consulting and Lobbying, please contact Agricultural Hemp Solutions.

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